Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ironman, and Polluted Water

Posted by Jack

The following is an inspiring testimony from one of my friends and co-conspirators in the work of the Kingdom. Read it, and consider what part you may play in this project.

From my pastor, teacher, and friend, Jeff Cook:

Last weekend I chose to do what most people say is crazy (and I agree!). I participated in an Ironman triathlon, which consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and then a 26.2 mile run.

I finished. It took me 16 hours, 26 minutes. We went into the water (Atlantic ocean at Wilmington Beach, North Carolina) at 7:30 a.m. and I didn’t cross the finish line till almost midnight. A long day? Words fail to describe it. There is probably no sport on the planet that pushes people to their limits like Ironman. No one completes an Ironman by accident. You have to be willing to suffer and endure the pain in the preparation and in the race.

Why would a person do Ironman? Why choose to voluntarily suffer?

The choice I make to enter into such voluntary suffering is for the purpose of highlighting the involuntary suffering that so many people and their children endure in the developing world because of the lack of clean water.

I chose to suffer but its over in less than 24 hours. Their suffering, however, is far greater and there is no finish line in sight to signal the end of it. Throughout the developing world around the globe, water for families is skimmed from polluted ponds or ditches teeming with bacteria and parasites. The results are deadly and devastating.

Christian friends of mine are in Haiti and part of their ministry is to drill wells in outlying villages who really suffer from the lack of clean water. They have the truck, well drilling rig, and they work with the Haitians training them to drill wells themselves. It is an empowerment ministry that is training Haitians to be self sufficient. It is a hand up and not a hand out.

Wells can be drilled for about $550 for parts and supplies in this area, and I wanted to tie the visibility of Ironman to raising some limited finances for our brothers and sisters in Christ to be able to provide clean water for their babies and families.

Americans use an average of 100 gallons of water a day (National Geographic statistic) and it is very easy for us to take it for granted.

Would you be willing to donate to help drill a well in Haiti? What would you be willing to sacrifice so that brothers and sisters in Haiti could cook with clean water, put clean water in their babies bottles, or not have to watch their babies suffer and die of water-borne diseases?

Haiti is still in desperate circumstances because of the earthquakes there two years ago and the need for clean water is just part of their suffering. We can’t do everything, but because we can’t do everything doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do something. Here is a way to help some folks who are suffering and need my help and yours.

Make checks payable to Changing Lives Now for accountability and the entire amount will be sent to our ministry partners in Haiti. Their mission agency is headquartered in Waco, Texas.
You can give a number of ways:

Online: www.ChangingLivesNow.org. Look for the ‘donate’ button.

Mail: Changing Lives Now

ATTN: Well drilling

Box 2122

Springfield, Ohio 45501

Intercampus mail at Cedarville University:

Dr Jeff Cook

BTS 254

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