Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mulberry Updates

Posted by Tim

This picture was drawn by a new friend. He is currently awaiting trial in the Clark County Jail.

Greetings from Mulberry Street! We apologize for the long delay between posts. It is embarrassing how often I think to provide an update and then fail to do so. So much has happened since our last "news" post that I'm not really sure where to start. But here we go:

--Our roommate Mikal and his lovely wife, Leah, were married on August 12th. We had a beautiful time at the wedding, but we miss Mikal's daily presence in the house. It has been a transition for us from having him down the hall to now being down the road. But Mikal and Leah continue to be wonderful friends and valuable community members, and we are looking forward to continual Kingdom work along side them. Consequently, there are now just three of us living in the house. Jack, Carlos, and I continue to pray together for direction as to what Jesus would have us do on Mulberry Street, within our doors and without them.

--Our gardening season has drawn to a close. We had a remarkable harvest that we didn't always do the best at utilizing. I will say we were far better about it this year than in the two prior. I know we were much better at sharing our produce this time around. We had several discussions about how we might share with our neighbors without seeming like we were providing charity. One day as I was in the backyard feeding our chickens, a woman walked by and asked me, "Is that your garden over there?" I smiled and replied yes. "The corn was delicious!" Apparently, we had been feeding quite a few neighbors without even knowing it. I guess sometimes God doesn't feel inclined to let us in on his plans.

--The Springfield News-Sun published a feature about the house a couple weeks ago. You can read the article here. Brandon Smith, the reporter who wrote the piece, is a new friend of ours who wanted to share our story. Not knowing exactly what type of reaction might come from the community, we were a bit nervous about its publishing. So far, it seems my fears were misplaced. We have made new friends already who have dropped by to pray for us, eat dinner with us, and even write us from their jail cells. We received an extremely touching letter in the mail from one, asking for prayer and support as he awaits his trial later this month. He included a beautiful drawing (above) for us. Please pray for us as we seek to build on these new relationships.

--On a logistical note, Jack has begun taking a pottery class in Yellow Springs which meets on Tuesday evenings. As a result, we are temporarily moving our community dinners to Monday. Again, we would love to have you over for dinner some time in the near future. Our Bible Study continues to meet at the house on Thursday nights around 8:30. Feel free to drop in if you have a chance. I think that is all for now.

Grace and Peace from Mulberry Street.

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