Sunday, July 24, 2011

Branching Out

Posted by Mikal

And so it comes to this - my final week living at the Mulberry House. Some of you may know that I am getting married in a little under 3 weeks. The last few days were spent moving my fiances belongings into our new apartment. It's strange to think that merely 9 months ago I was moving my belongings here. On one hand it seems so long ago, on the other, not long enough.

We all knew when I moved in that this day was imminent - in fact, we probably all knew within a week or two of when it would actually occur. However, we never saw my leaving as an end - but as a new opportunity. You could almost say Leah and I will be a new branch on the mulberry bush - simply another cell of the imperfect Bride of Christ. Living in one kingdom, but serving another.

-Jesus Lives. Act Accordingly.

p.s. I had always planned on posting some of my favorite lyrics on here...maybe I'll sneak on here from time to time and do it.

"Childbodybride" by My Epic

"When they laid my king to rest it was my shame He wore to bed
And it's the only part of Him the Father did not resurrect
Now in my Father's land there are no lesser men
Nobody barely wins or only just gets in

Cause Jesus never fell in love
With open eyes He walked directly to the cross
He knew exactly what I cost and He still went

Like a body —close, connected, and known— so You've called us and so we are
Like a child —nurtured, protected, adored— somehow You name us and so we are
Like a bride —cherished, adorned and waited for— so intimate with every title that Your love affords

My G-d, You never fell in love
With open eyes You chose to die upon the cross
You knew exactly what I cost

I was worthless but You made me worth it
I was a slave content to beg beneath Your table
But You took me in and made me a son

When I finally arrive and my prodigal eyes behold
Jesus who once wore my shame, adorned in majesty on His throne
I will stand and belong wearing His righteousness as my clothes "

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