Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cherries and Other General News

Posted by Mikal

Our cherry tree has cherries!!! There's still a bit of ripening to do, but they're close! Again, if you're in the Springfield area and would like some cherries, feel free to stop by and fill a basket or two! I also noticed the peaches are doing pretty well!

In other news, the community garden has been planted!! There's still a fairly good sized space to be planted, so feel free to stop and plant something or just help out! The several large storms this past week were quite the blessing in terms of the garden. This morning was the first time we've had to water since we planted - and look what I found sprouting up when I was watering:


Green Beans


Just simple reminders that our G-d is in the business of taking the broken and forgotten parts of His creation and making them new.

I've been working on a way for us to water our garden most effectively while being good stewards of what G-d has blessed us with. The result? My fiance and I just finished installing our rain barrel inspired watering system! Hopefully we'll get a chance to try them out soon!

We also have some new additions to the Mulberry House family - the chickens! We ended up with some young ones this year, so we shouldn't be getting eggs for another couple of months.

So now you're up to date on most of the things happening around here! There's always an invitation to dinner (typically Tuesdays) and to Bible Study (Thursdays, a little after 8p). I mean, what's a community without you?


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