Sunday, December 12, 2010

By the Numbers

Posted by Jack

A lot has happened here in the past few months and we have been very busy. I will save you some time and reduce this update to some important numbers.

16,390 ... Square footage of new land acquired by the Mulberry House. We have successfully purchased 3 parcels of land, someday to become a neighborhood park/garden.

6481.5 ... Square footage of land still up for grabs. One parcel remains unclaimed. Auction date to be announced.

21 ... Estimated number of discarded tires hauled away from the reclaimed lot.

10 ... Trailers full of brush and debris hauled away from the reclaimed lot.

151 ... Approximate number of days until we plant an outdoor garden.

12 ... Peak attendance at our new Thursday night Bible study.

4 ... Number of people living in the Mulberry House. Carlos, Mikal, Tim, and Jack now reside at 125 W Mulberry Street.

48 ... Estimated number of Swiss Cake Rolls consumed in the Mulberry House this month.

2 ... Number of years the Mulberry House has existed.

35 ... Estimated number of people who attended 2 workdays in October and November.

7 ... Number of issues of Conspire magazine released to date. We partner with this project and submit material to the publication.

70 ... Generous estimate of the number of days it took to replace our bathroom ceiling. The plaster ceiling collapsed while we were doing some electrical work. Cleanup, drywall installation, finishing, and painting has taken us a long time.

1 ... Number of homeless, drug-addicted gentlemen who spend large amounts of time with us in this house. Countless more wait in the margins.

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