Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Unveiling of the Plan

Posted by Jack

As many of you are aware, some of us here are in the process of creating a new park in our neighborhood. An abandoned lot next door to us is going up for tax auction this week and we hope to acquire it.

Here is the skeleton outline of our plans for the project. Take a look at them, and let us know how you want to be involved!

PHASE 1: Reclaiming the Land

Nearly complete... will continue over the coming months

PHASE 2: Redeeming the Land - FALL 2010

We will spend the fall of 2010 cleaning up the lot. This will include tree removal, brush removal, filling holes, removing garbage, stones, etc... the general sprucing up of the land. Not only will this prepare the land for future development, but it will improve the present look of the block and generate momentum for the next steps...

PHASE 3: Plotting and Scheming- WINTER 2010

We will spend the winter months conspiring with others regarding the actual plans for the piece of property. We will survey neighbors, area residents, and community leaders about their desires for this project. We will create a small steering committee and nail down some solid plans about the park that is to be born in our neighborhood.

PHASE 4: Planting the Seeds- SPRING 2011 and BEYOND

Beginning in the spring, we will develop the land. Beautiful plant life will begin to blossom where it did not blossom before. New structures will pop up, perhaps playgrounds or shelter-houses or basketball hoops. Curious bystanders will begin to slow down as they pass, noticing significant progress. With the spring will come new life, and the park will continue to grow and change.


We will delight in this newly redeemed land among our neighbors and friends as the keys of this park are turned back over to the community!

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