Saturday, March 13, 2010

East and West

Posted by Jack

(This post is intended to look forward, anticipating an exciting new initiative here at the Mulberry House. To review where we have been thus far, feel free to look back at our “Annual Report” and this toast to year one.)

Many things have been stirring in our hearts and minds here at the Mulberry House. Although we are small in number, this unlikely insurgence of ours is rooted in the reality of the coming of our King Jesus. Among our plots and schemes has emerged a unique opportunity to impact this community in a very real way.

Our vision is not only to secure a living space for the people living within our house, but to transform our neighborhood into a vibrant community where men, women, and children from every type of background can come together and manifest the reality of God’s coming Kingdom.

To such an end, we announce a new initiative in two phases. We share this with you so you many pray for us, and determine what role you may play in this outrageous plan.

Phase One: West

Directly to the west of our house is a large, empty lot. Through some persistent inquiry and research, we have discovered that this land will go up for tax auction this coming June. The current owner is delinquent on his taxes and the land can be acquired through payment of the back taxes and court costs.

This is an opportunity that, in our minds, cannot be passed up.

Our goal is to acquire this land and transform it into a lush community garden. Imagine, in a community that has long since been forgotten by the rest of the Empire, a group of brave men and women banding together to breathe new life into a shattered space. Taking an empty, blighted piece of land and redeeming the space so it may be shared by all is a tangible manifestation of the Gospel of new life we proclaim.

This land is broken into four parcels, and with the taxes and costs on each of these, we project the cost of all the land to be somewhere around $6000. The dollar amount sounds daunting to a small group of guys, but with God all things are possible.

There is much that could be said about our plans for this land, and there is much that must be said. In the coming weeks, we will provide more insight. For now though, we simply want to give you a skeleton outline of the big picture. We also want to invite you to join the effort.

Phase 2: East

Directly to the east of our property stands a vacant house. The house is in extreme disrepair. With most of the windows shattered and various holes in exterior walls, the house is currently home to various creatures, great and small.

It has always been our vision to acquire this house, fix it up, and use the space to create affordable housing for members of our community.

Tim knows the current owner, and we have spoken to him on a few occasions. He is willing to sell the property to us; the problem lies in landing on a price. We toured the home and discussed the possibility of acquiring it. The current owner has asked us for more than the property is worth, and we counter-offered with a price that he did not find agreeable.

At present, we are at a stalemate, but we remain optimistic that an agreement will be reached. We intend to purchase this property. Unlike the vacant lot next door, we have no exact time-table in mind.

Once we acquire the house, we would have a lot of work to do, but two things must be remembered. First, as believers we are called to breathe new life into old and broken things. Redeeming a dying house and using it for the furtherance of the Kingdom is a no-brainer. Second, we know that we will not have to do it alone. The Body of Christ is suited for such a task, and we are certain that many of you will play some role in the completion of this rehab project.

When this vision comes to pass, we will have acquired a significant section of the city block on which we are situated: a large vacant lot on our west, and a tired and forgotten building on our east. While we are never quick to increase our “possessions,” we look forward to employing the economics of jubilee and we resolve that far more will be given to our neighborhood in this transaction than taken away.

Please help! We need your prayers in this matter. You will be hearing more about this in the coming weeks. If you would like to be a part of establishing this Kingdom outpost here in the inner-city of Springfield, OH, then by all means, contact us and let us know.

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