Sunday, August 2, 2009

You know what they say about idle hands...

Posted by Jack

In a sudden burst of creative energy, we acquired the first Mulberry House Sewing machine.

There is something about community that fosters creativity. While we possess the ability and the means to walk into any department store in the area and choose from a variety of clothing, we've come to recognize that perhaps there is some value in seeking other means. We knew very little about sewing (and still do), but we began our quest with unshakeable confidence (aka "cluelessness").

And so, we set out with the goal of making a single pair of pants. We purchased some cheap, denim fabric from the clearance rack at a local fabric shop. Using an old, tattered pair of pants as a guide (aka "cheating"), we began to piece together a pair of slacks. Surprisingly, we finished the pants entirely within a few hours. Even more of a surprise, they fit perfectly!

Here it is, our first creation...

With the leftover fabric, we experimented by making a shirt.

We don't find the shirt to be nearly as impressive as the pants, but for our first attempt, we are calling it a job well done.

As Christ-followers, we should "look" different than the rest of the world. If our clothing is any indication, we will certainly look different! (If you are laughing at this post, don't feel guilty. We are laughing too.)

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Heather D said...

This is so cool! I want a sewing machine, I love making my own clothes. I'm betting you guys got a good deal on that one. Nice job, by the way, especially since you didn't have an official pattern. I'm impressed!