Sunday, March 8, 2009

Angry Conversations with God

Posted by Jack

As some of you may know, from time to time I write alongside an eclectic little group of writers known as Burnside Writers Collective.

Through my interactions with this motley crew, I met a talented friend named Susan Isaacs. Susan is a writer and performer with credits in TV, film, stage, and radio. She is also a noted comedian.

Susan was kind enough to send me an advance copy of her new book, Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir, which hits shelves this week.

"Disillusioned, disenfranchised, and disinterested in anything churchy, Susan E. Isaacs knew of only one thing to do when she hit spiritual rock bottom at the age of forty: she took God to couples counseling." In this clever text, Susan has the audacity (and integrity) to explore her rocky past with the Almighty. With refreshing honesty and biting humor, ACWG gives us an inside look at a "middle-class white girl's dark night of the soul." Originally staged as a one person show in New York and Los Angeles, Susan has brought her ongoing story to us in this heartfelt memoir.

Let me tell you what I appreciate most about Susan. She writes with a trait many churches have forgotten is permissible: authenticity. You don't need to look far in this country to find folks who have become disenchanted with God, often as a result of the conduct of His church. Not only can the church do harm to our relationship with God, but our own selfish motives and misguided assumptions create tension between us and the Loving Father who wants nothing less than to sing over us in fields of grace. As painful and ugly as this reality is, Susan reminds us that it is okay to ask the tough questions, to challenge the phony perceptions we have about our faith, and to rip down the "jackass" versions of God we often perpetuate. And as we topple the statues of the old regime, we find new hope that God is for us.

Perhaps we could all use some couples counseling.

Susan's book on Amazon.

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