Friday, January 2, 2009

Winds of Change (Apparently)

Those of you who live in the area know that we have had some strong winds recently. We certainly know it!

After leaving the house unattended for one day, we returned to find some serious carnage! Take a look...

That pile of wreckage represents the small shed we once had in our back yard. A tree was growing directly behind the shed, between the building and the fence. The force of the flying shed was enough to snap the tree off at the ground. See the tree back there?

We are going to talk to our insurance agent and see if something can be done. We really aren't sure what to expect though.

Eventually, we will need a place to store our lawnmower and outdoor tools, so if anyone can help us out with a small building, let us know!

Be careful out there, and watch for flying tool sheds.

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