Thursday, December 11, 2008


We at the Mulberry House are happy to announce our collaboration with "Conspire!"

Consp!re is a quarterly publication that shares stories of community, revolutionary love, and creative new visions. Conspire! stubbornly insists that small, daily acts of faith, conviction, and integrity can change the world.

This is one of the projects that has spun out of the Community of Communities, or the nationwide network of communities that is being formed. When the project is up and running, the Community of Communities website will have a map of the United States highlighting intentional living communities across the nation. The idea here is to create a mechanism by which co-conspirators can network with one another. Mulberry House is a part of this community.

One way in which our communities can be united is through participation in a shared activity. To this end, each of the communities will contribute to the creation of the Conspire! quarterly journal (including Mulberry House).

Individual subscriptions will not be available for this publication; instead, each community will function as a distribution point.

The first issue is slated for release near Easter 2009. The theme of the first journal is "Resurrection Stories."

So, if you're interested in this new project, keep in touch with Mulberry House. We'll hook you up.


Bri said...

Sweet! :) Praying for you guys.

derek said...

i am not sure of the best way to get the publication, but i am certainly interested. maybe i will just have to give you a donation and include postage :)