Monday, November 10, 2008

The Thank You Post

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ have contributed to the Mulberry House. I want to thank them.

Dr. Preston Sprinkle- Thanks for the refrigerator and all those awesome books.
Alan Moore- Thanks for fixing our furnaces free of charge!
Corey and Jillian- Thanks for giving me all that stuff. It will certainly come in handy.
Dr. Carl Smith- Thank you for giving us those lighting fixtures.
Amplified- Thank you for your continued support, and for the cleaning day when you came in and de-loused the building.
Southpoint Church- Thanks for your continued prayers and support.
The Clarks- Thanks for offering your financial support in our time of need.
Several people (I don't know who did it)- Thanks for providing us with some space heaters when you heard about the failed furnaces. It means SO much.
Janet and Jerry- Thanks for the couch and tables.
Daniel Koranek- Thank you for the dresser!
My family- Thanks for not thinking I am crazy! Thanks for all the work you've helped me do on the house!
Dr. John White- Thanks for the help you so generously provided.

I will periodically return to this list and update it as people continue to give of themselves.


Derek said...
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Derek said...

oops... i accidentally deleted my comment thinking i was editing a spelling error in it.

anyway, i am pumped that some things are coming together. i wish i could be there to take on this awesome task with you. i'll be keeping you in prayer though. i am also jealous that you got a bunch of books from sprinkle, even though they might be old macarthur books he is getting rid of :)