Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Turning Back

After 11 weeks of struggling with lenders, real estate agents, and lawyers, 2 and a half hours of paperwork at the closing, and no small amount of spiritual warfare, I now have the keys to 125 W. Mulberry Street! That's right. We own the place (or, the bank does, to be precise).

This is very exciting, but also scary. The vision suddenly became a bit more concrete.

For a list of our needs, see the "Specific Needs" posted in September on this blog

Special prayer needs (which require actual prayer):
1) We are in the process of gathering furniture and other items for the house. We have some things on the way from awesome donors, but pray for wisdom and discernment as we seek more supplies.
2) We are still in need of committed disciples to move into the house, as early as January. Many have expressed interest, but few have committed.
3) Dr. Jeff Cook's "Marathon for the Poor" is this Sunday, October 19th. Pray that his dedication and perseverance will result in great gain for the community surrounding Mulberry House. Visit to donate to the cause.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support.

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