Sunday, August 3, 2008



1) What is the name of the community?

We shall call ourselves... Mulberry House. Riveting name, eh? :)

2) How are you being financed?
We aren't, aside from the bank. I was able to get a mortgage loan with my father as a co-signer. After 6 months, the co-signer will be removed and I will be the sole purchaser. The monthly payments will be around $475.

The idea is to keep the cost for residents as low as possible so residents will be free to spend maximum time in the community. Therefore, contributions and donations will be used to supplement the monthly costs.

3) Once the home is officially acquired, who will own it?

I operate on the principle that God is the only true owner of anything. So, God owns it.

On paper though, the home will be in my name.

4) Shouldn't a church or ministry org being buying this house?
Well, I thought so at first, but now I am not so sure. Many churches I spoke to were not convinced that this idea was a good one, so they were very hesitant to jump on board. Others loved the idea, but could not afford to take on a home purchase at this time.

From my perspective, I needed housing anyway. With the price of rent nowadays, it made more sense to buy. So, I figured, why not use the home I am buying to initiate this project?

Somebody always has to go first...

5) Who are you affiliated with?
Since no church or organization is taking ownership, we are essentially an entity of our own.
We plan to partner with many ministries throughout the city, as many as humanly possible. But I see no reason to become a non-profit organization of our own, at least right away. After all, we are just a bunch of folks living together and being good neighbors. Call it "roommates and beyond".

6) When are we kicking this thing off?
Well, I have already paid for room and board at Cedarville University for my final semester, and I can't get the money back. So, between now and December, I will live on campus.

During the Fall 2008 semester, the groundwork for the community will be laid, furniture and appliances will be gathered, and work on the home will be done to ensure that it is ready for occupancy by January of 2009.

7) Are you crazy?

A little.

8) Aren't you moving kind of fast?
Not really. Several of us have been working toward this for years. Now that things are beginning to materialize, more people are being clued in.

9) How do I learn more, get updates, or give feedback?
Feedback is hugely welcome. Email Jack at

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